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EIFFEL participates in the Financial Investments Day. Want to learn more about EIFFEL?

Sign up here: https://days.erasmusrecruitmentplatform.nl/activities/financial-investments-day-en

We are EIFFEL, strategic partner in the world of legal, finance and process for more than 25 years. The smart doers and pragmatic thinkers. Human Powered and Data Driven. We believe that the best solutions arise on the cutting edge of data and talent. With... Read more

Working at EIFFEL

Career opportunities for students/starters

For students we offer graduation internships in the field of either legal, finance or process. Together we will seek a suitable and interesting subject to write your thesis about. Of course we offer you the needed guidance and help wherever we can to make sure you will end up with a decent graduation research.

After graduation we offer a challenging traineeship where you will learn how to work as a... Read more