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De Kleine Consultant


About De Kleine Consultant

De Kleine Consultant only offers recruitment activities to students with fluency in the Dutch language. For this reason De Kleine Consultant activities will be in Dutch.

De Kleine Consultant is the first international non-profit strategy organization that is completely owned by students. Our purpose is: we improve Kleine Consultants and our clients!

We realize this by our unique win-win-win situation: we develop students, we help our... Read more

Working at De Kleine Consultant

You have talent

Is there a Kleine Consultant in you? Your acamedic background is irrelevant. We are looking for the best students from all studies. Our Kleine Consultants distinguish themselves by their qualities.

  • Analytic. The ability to structure problems, analyse information, find creative solutions and formulate recommendations. 

  • Curious. The enthousiasm to explore, to find out how it really is and to expand your horizon. 

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