ERD Activities

During the Erasmus Recruitment Days, several activities will be organised. Below you can find a short explanation of all the activities.

Programme Booklet

Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of the Erasmus Recruitment Days will take place on the 28st of January 2020. During this celebratory kick-off, we will have a short ceremony with live entertainment followed by a drink in the Pavilion.


By participating in one of the several trainings offered during the Erasmus Recruitment Days you can improve your personal skills. Different elements of recruitment will be covered, such as your CV, job interviews, personal branding, and so on.

  •       Accessible to all students
  •       No CV selection

Company Introduction

A company introduction is the perfect way to get a first impression of a company. During 50 minutes long introductions information regarding career opportunities, company culture, type of students the company is looking for, and the job application procedure will be covered.

  •          Accessible to all students
  •          No CV selection

Branch Internship Pitch

The Branch Internship Pitch is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into the internship opportunities at leading companies from different branches. During the Branch Internship Pitch, interns from different companies in the branch will deliver a short pitch describing their experience and the internship possibilities at their company.

  •          Accessible to all students
  •          No CV selection

Network Drink

Netwrok drinks are a perfect opportunity to meet companies in an informal setting. The recruitment drinks are open to all students participating in the Erasmus Recruitment Days. Several companies will have a stand at the drink, providing you the opportunity to introduce yourself and learn more about the company. The network drink is organized every day at 5 pm at the C building.

  •          Accessible to all students
  •          No CV selection

Informal Recruitment

During an informal recruitment activity you can get in touch with the company of your choice in an informal setting. Examples include: a lunch, wine tasting and a escape room.

  •          Accessible to third year bachelor and master students
  •          Selection based on CV 
  •          Penalty policy

Branch Dinner

A branch dinner gives you the opportunity to meet different companies from one specific branch during a luxurious dinner at restaurant "De Harmonie" or "Mooii". After every course you will change tables, enabling you to speak with representatives from different companies. The company that has selected you will be your table partner during the main course.

  •          Accessible to third year bachelor and master students
  •          Selection based on CV and motivation (100-150 words)
  •          Penalty policy

Company Dinner

During a company dinner, you can wine and dine with company representatives of one specific company. This offers you a perfect way to discover more about the company’s culture, its people, and the opportunities they have in store for you.

  •  Accessible to third year bachelor and master students
  • Selection based on CV and motivation (100-150 words)
  • Penalty policy


A workshop offers you the unique opportunity to gain insight in the daily practices of the company. You will work together in small groups with fellow students to solve a case or management game. The workshop will give you an idea of the type of problems you could solve as an employee of the company. Furthermore, you can impress companies with your skills.

  • Accessible to third year bachelor and master students
  • Selection based on CV 
  • Penalty policy

Individual Interview

An individual interview allows you to get in touch with the company in a highly personalized way. The interviews can be intended for orientation or for recruitment. An interview with a company’s recruiter will take either 30 or 50 minutes. 

  •  Accessible to third year bachelor and master students
  •  Selection based on CV and motivation (100-150 words)
  •  Penalty policy

Special Days

Besides our general activities, we also host five special days which are focused on a specific topic. This year we organise the:

  • Rotterdam Day
  • International Day
  • Data Analytics Day
  • Sustainability Day
  • Financial Investments Day

For more information regarding our special days, please check our program.