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Workshop Uniqlo (EN)

Date & Time 29-01-2020 | 14:00 - 17:00

Location Y2-09

Type Workshop

Required Languages English

Dresscode Business formal

No-show policy Yes


Fast Retailing is an international retail company which owns apparel brands such as UNIQLO, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Princesse Tam Tam, Theory, Helmut Lang and J-Brand. We are located in big cities throughout the world.

We want to know about your ability to be a business leader. More specifically, we want to know about your Ability to Build a Team, Earn a Profit, Change, and Pursue an Ideal.

You are a trainee Store Manager working for UNIQLO. You joined the company six months ago and so far your experience has definitely exceeded your expectations. You have been involved in lots of interesting projects, as well as undertaking lots of on-the-job training. You have discovered that UNIQLO likes to give a lot of responsibility early on to new joiners as they believe that this is the best way for people to learn.

You are just about to be assigned to your first management role. You will be managing a floor in a large UNIQLO store. You are really looking forward to this and are keen to show what you can do.

You will be working in a team to bring solutions and action plans to a life case scenario.

Be aware: the penalty policy applies to this activity.