Workshop Pon (NL)

Date & Time 10-02-2020 | 10:00 - 13:00

Location Y2-09

Type Workshop

Required Languages Dutch

Dresscode Casual

No-show policy Yes



The world around us is changing rapidly. Innovations, digitization and electrification are trends that have a major impact on the industries in which Pon is active. In order to strengthen our position in the market, we also have to innovate. A big challenge for us is that we are in many industries between the manufacturer and the dealer/customer, which means that we have limited influence on the development of the product itself. But an innovation does not have to be radical, such as the introduction of the smartphone, but can also be incremental or focused on a process. 

During the case we want to work with you to see how we can innovate in different industries. You will go deeper into business groups such as bicycles, tires and automotive and in multidisciplinary groups work out an innovation for your business! 

Be aware: the penalty policy applies to this activity.