NL Workshop PostNL

Date & Time 06-02-2019 | 10:00 - 13:00

Location T3-32 (Mandeville)

Type Workshop

Required Languages Dutch

Dresscode Business casual



The PostNL workshop offers you the unique opportunity to gain insight in the daily practices of the company. You will work together in small groups with fellow students to solve the Platify case. PostNL is innovating and is looking outside the prevailing "box". During the Platify case, you will dive into a project whose main goal is to send as many packages as mailbox packages. The idea is to minimize air transport usage and to reduce the amount of package materials and plastics. The goal is to attain a much more sustainable, cheaper and independent solution for the return flow. In addition, you do not have to be at home for the delivery. There are a number of initiatives and your idea may be next! PostNL is looking forward to meeting you.

Location: T3-32 (Mandeville)

Be aware: the penalty policy applies to this activity.


  • Recommended to Dutch speaking third year bachelor and master students
  • Selection based on CV