NL Sales Training

Date & Time 04-02-2019 | 14:00 - 17:00

Location M1-09 (Van der Goot)

Type Training

Required Languages Dutch

Dresscode Business casual


Let’s bite the bullet and talk about Sales

In this interactive 2,5 hour session Women in Sales covers the false presumptions people have about the sales profession. Over the past few years the sales profession has undergone quite the transformation. However, this New Sales principle is not yet up to date compared to the image sales has in the mind of the general public.

Aspects of the New Sales principle that are covered in this session involve tools you need for sales, selling from your own passion and enthusiasm, authenticity, which personality traits the most successful sales professionals have, and why this is relevant for you!

In this session they will talk about sales (obviously) but also spend plenty of time on other interesting topics, such as about hamburgers(don’t show up with an empty stomach), marshmallows and spaceships.

F*ck (the old way of) sales and let Women in Sales show you how much more there is to this dynamic and interesting profession!

Location: M1-09 (Van der Goot)


  • Open for all Dutch students
  • No CV selection