NL Company Introduction Randstad

Date & Time 07-02-2019 | 16:00 - 17:00

Location T3-10 (Mandeville)

Type Presentation

Required Languages Dutch

Dresscode Business casual



The Company Introduction that Randstad will host will be about Randstad Groep Nederland, this will have a brief description about the history of Randstad and all the labels (Randstad, Tempo-Team and Yacht). In the presentation they will talk about the traineeship, discuss what their traineeship is and which students are interesting.

Location: T3-10 (Mandeville)

Within selected people, there is a first come, first serve basis for participation.

The profile of the targeted student is not particularly focused on a specific study. Common studies for trainees however are economic / business / bedrijfspsychologie / HR studies. Randstad is interested in students that have participated in several extra-curricular activities, such as a board member of a student organization (or for example aiesec/integrand/unipartners), or activities that show commercial/leadership skills. 


  • Accessible to all Dutch students
  • No CV selection