NL Business Etiquette

Date & Time 06-02-2019 | 14:00 - 17:00

Location T3-17 (Mandeville)

Type Training

Required Languages Dutch

Dresscode Business casual



Jan Jaap van Weering has been interested in etiquette, style and good manners for a long time. He owes his knowledge of etiquette and his sense of decorum largely to his upbringing and to the fact that he has served on the boards of various organizations with a strong representative character.

Content of the masterclass:

Etiquette & Manners – General etiquette, history and the importance of etiquette & good manners.

International Etiquette & Manners – Crossing cultures and cross cultural awareness, do’s and don’ts of most countries in the world.

Personal Presentation – How to introduce your self, what to say, the handshake, kiss, bowing ceremony and how to present a businesscard.

Dresscodes – What means Business Attire, Tenue de ville, Lounge Suit, Business Casual, Black Tie (how to tie a bow tie), White Tie and Morningdress.

Protocol – What is protocol, how to treat a suspect, prospect, client, guest, VIP and how to handle staff.

Invitations – Reading and answering an invitation, what to bring for the host, what means RSVP, PM, Regrets Only and writing a Thank You note.

Attending a Reception - Arrival time, how to introduce your self, what and how much to drink, how to approach a VIP & a VVIP and what to talk and at what time to leave.

Location: T3-17 (Mandeville)


  • Recommended to Dutch third year bachelor and master students
  • No CV selection