EN Workshop De Lage Landen

Date & Time 30-01-2019 | 10:00 - 13:00

Location L1-12 (Sanders)

Type Workshop

Required Languages English

Dresscode Business casual


The De Lage Landen workshop offers you the unique opportunity to gain insight in the daily practices of the company. You will work together in small groups with fellow students to solve a case.The workshop will give you an idea of the type of problems you could be solving as an employee. Furthermore, you can impress De Lage Landen with your skills!

Location: L1-12 (Sanders)

Be aware: the penalty policy applies to this activity.

Life Cycle Asset Management - Case Study

Positive sustainability activities create business value as well as social value. DLL aims to have a positive impact on the world it operates, both socially and environmentally. Through its products and by the way it conducts its business. DLL is integrating sustainability in its core strategy and the way it does business. Besides the sustainability strategy there are more challenges in tomorrow’s economy. Due to lease accounting changes (IFRS, USGAAP), leases will have less advantages over bank loans. Why is this a problem? Because our partners might as well go to a bank, get a bag of money, and buy the products they want. Those interest rates are generally lower. Therefore, as DLL we have to secure our added value. The issues of tomorrow’s economy will not put us out of business overnight. Of course we can keep our business going by making small changes whenever a new problem emerges. But is that really what we want? Are we the kind of company that settles for ‘just hanging in there’? Also, are we so sure that disruption is not around the corner? This is not the DLL mentality. We do have a choice. We are entrepreneurial and flexible by nature. So how do we tackle these problems? What is our added value and the added value of leasing in tomorrow’s world?




  • Recommended to third year bachelor and master students
  • Selection based on CV
  • Bring your own laptop