EN Workshop Accuracy

Date & Time 07-02-2019 | 14:00 - 17:00

Location T3-34 (Mandeville)

Type Workshop

Required Languages English

Dresscode Business formal


The Accuracy workshop offers you the unique opportunity to gain insight in the daily practices of the company. During the  Accuracy case, you will role play as an Accuracy consultant and experience how an actual consultancy engagement works. A private equity firm will deliver Project Falcon to you, in which you with a team of analysts will investigate an investment opportunity using both your financial and strategic skills. Accuracy consultants will be present to advise you and your team on the proper case approach. At the end of the case, you and your fellow analysts will be expected to advise the private equity on the financial and strategic viability of the investment opportunity. Besides a calculator and writing utensil, you will be provided with all the support, information and items you need to complete the case.

Location: T3-34 (Mandeville)

Be aware: the penalty policy applies to this activity.



  • Recommended to all third year bachelor and master students
  • Selection based on CV
  • Don't forget to bring your calculator!